Why Mini Hotel?

Mini Hotel was born in 2007 with the objective of simplifying the hotelier’s daily tasks. We are specialists in programming, hospitality, tourism and passionate about generating solutions. We developed a unique hotel management system that integrates multiple functionalities designed for every small to medium accommodation.

Tourism and hotel management are transformed with Mini Hotel

We work to make every hotelier in the world have a better experience.

Our goal is to improve the performance of hotels and their staff with tools strategically developed for this purpose.

We seek to boost reservations and direct sales to enhance the performance of the accommodations that choose us. With our developments we facilitate the overall management of each client.

We seek to innovate the market with state-of-the-art technology.

We are constantly evolving.

We want to reach every small and large accommodation to improve its performance and increase value for its hotel system.

Our interdisciplinary team of professionals is constantly working on the development of new features to improve daily.

Our Story

Since 2007, MiniHotel has set out to bring solutions for small to medium accommodations worldwide. This is our mission, our goal, and our expertise.

For us the small hotel, guesthouse, bed and breakfast, vacation rental or camping, are the VIP clients. When you are on the line with us, seeking advice or help, you will never be pushed by a top-brand hotel taking all the focus.

Our products, and team, know small to medium accommodations, know how to support them, and how to lead them to success.

We are a proud official partner with the major OTAs, such as Booking.Com, Expedia, Airbnb, Agoda, Hotelbeds, Despegar, and many others. 

We are always seeking automation. We have a brilliant team of developers, releasing new features almost on a daily basis.

Our biggest joy is when you make the least of steps needed, to get the maximum result.

This is us, this is MiniHotel.

Team Mini Hotel

Yoram Shtokhamer

CEO & Co-Founder

Yuval Shtokhamer

COO & Co-Founder

Federico Finkielsztejn

Head of Operations Latam

Karina F.

Accounting Manager Latam

Katerina Šiljak

Head of Operations Croatia

Arkady Katz

Project Manager

Matias Perez Mija

Software Team Leader

Pablo Mathieu

Software Developer

Rodrigo M.

Software Developer

Yasmani Maestres

Service Manager Latam

Daniel Ciriacci

Web Marketing Manager Latam

Jenny Shtokhamer


Lucia Nieto

Graphic Design

Bianca Ruggia


Catalina Nieto

Business Development Manager Latam

Viviana Montagne

Sales & Marketing

Denise Colla

Sales & Marketing

Larissa Arouche de Paula

Sales & Marketing

Gabriela Janković

Sales & Marketing

Jelena Martinović

Sales & Marketing

Rosario Sabbadin

Sales & Marketing

Gustavo Reiff

Customer Service Agent

Gadi Aloni

Customer Service Agent

Raquel Waissmann

Onboarding Agent & Customer Success

Maximiliano Hernandez

Customer Service Agent

Gisela Visotsky

Customer Service Agent

Leandro Barqui

Customer Service Agent

Maria Valeria Henares

Customer Service Agent


Customer Service Agent

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