This unique system enables booking according to the live availability stats for the hotel. It is fully integrated into the hotel’s website and draws down real-time data from the management system as it is being used by the hotel’s marketing and sales staff. It also lets you calculate a variety of results based on user searches. The customer receives an overview of the available rooms and prices, including special offers, with respect to his specifications.

After the customer selects the room and price, the booking takes place in the simplest and most comfortable manner – by filling in a short form. The order approval is immediately updated in the hotel database, sending the order directly to the booking office. The entire process takes place with no middlemen, sales or service staff.

A specially-designed order approval form is immediately sent to the customer, with the options of sharing it on the social media, adding it as an event in their personal calendar, navigation to the hotel, and information about sites and services in the surrounding area and other opportunities.

The entire process takes place online, directly on the hotel website, so there is no redirection to external sites. The visual and overall user experience is completely compatible with the hotel website, providing a smoothly flowing experience that ensures reliability and easy booking.

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